Medical Academy
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 Mission Statement

Alderete Middle School will challenge the Medical Academy students through rigorous curriculum with an emphasis in mathematics and science. We will prepare our students for successes in the medical field of study as they prepare for their careers and their future.


Welcome to Alderete Middle School! We are proud to announce to the community and the children of Canutillo, AMS is offering a new program to support the learning of our students. In 2017-2018, the AMS Medical Academy opened its doors to incoming 6th graders. This first cohort of students consisted of 30 students who completed applications in the spring of 2017. Our current cohort of students will have schedules that include the following coursework:
  • AA Science (Compressed 6th and 7th grade curriculum)
  • 8th Grade Math
  • AA Social Studies
  • An Elective
Our new Medical Academy is designed to accelerate academics in the areas of math and science. Students will have opportunities to explore different medical fields through hands-on exposure and classroom academics. Each year, this cohort’s curriculum will guide them toward success in high school and college and career readiness regardless of the endorsement pathway they choose.

Upon completion of the program here at AMS, these students will have acquired multiple high school credits and have taken multiple EOCs including Algebra 1 and Physics. Students will also be given the opportunity to take High School credit classes of Art, Foreign Language, or CTE and allow for them to prepare for a Texas High School CTE pathway.

As the program develops, we will have more opportunities to collaborate with Canutillo High School in their Bio-Medical pathway coursework.